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The Turkish Journal of Teacher Education is leading teacher education through the 21st century with timely, thorough articles written by expert practitioners. The Turkish Journal of Teacher Education is a trusted, respected voice in teacher education. It will help you better prepare your future teachers to cope with the challenges and demands they'll face. It covers such themes as:

  • field experiences and teacher education;
  • cognitive science and critical thinking;
  • preparing teachers for urban schools;
  • teachers' beliefs;
  • accreditation and certification;
  • selection, retention, and recruitment of minority teachers and teacher leadership;
  • perspectives on leadership;
  • professional ethics in teacher education; and
  • restructuring teacher education.

Turkish Journal of Teacher Education (TUJTED) is an international peer-reviewed journal. It takes an interdisciplinary approach to its general aim of promoting an open and continuing dialogue about the current educational issues and future conceptions of teacher educational models and practice in an international context. To achieve this aim, the Journal seeks to publish thoughtful articles that present empirical research, theoretical statements, and philosophical arguments on the issues of teacher education theory, policy, and practice. It is published two times (June and December) a year.